The Story Behind Miles Automotive

Get to Know Ryan…

At a very young age, Ryan Miles started taking apart small household items, intrigued by the mechanics of anything with moving parts. Regardless of whether the object worked or not, it was disassembled and reassembled many times. He soon graduated to larger things, like televisions, appliances, and then cars. Of these, Ryan was drawn to the ones with motors (for the road or the lawn it didn’t matter), as motors, too, were begging to be taken apart.

Luckily for Ryan, his grandfather had acres full of a little boy’s dreams: broken down pieces of metal in the form of cars, trucks, lawnmowers, and even an old school bus. He found a Volkswagen dune buggy belonging to his uncle in need of repair, and watching and occasionally getting to help work on it spawned his enthusiasm for automobiles. As time went on, Ryan had many opportunities to work on friends’ cars, and sometimes family members would allow him to work on their vehicles as well.

Miles Automotive Auto Repair Shop

…And Jennifer!

In 1997, Ryan met his soon to be wife, Jennifer. Jennifer was driving a convertible Mustang at the time, and again, Ryan found something he could take apart and put back together. Not having any money, they always tried to fix everything themselves, and so Ryan learned about automotive computers, electrical systems, and a whole lot about Jennifer’s patience and understanding.

Finding a Home in Talent for Family & an Auto Repair Shop

Auto Repair Shop in Talent, OR

Wanting a change of pace from Southern California (where they were living at the time), Ryan and Jennifer headed to Arizona, and Ryan was given his first opportunity as a professional mechanic. He quickly found automotive technology was a natural career path for him. A few moves and two children later, both Ryan and Jennifer started thinking, “What about starting an auto repair shop of our own?”

The idea, of course, raised questions, like “Where would be the right town for raising a family and beginning a new chapter as entrepreneurs?” They started searching, and were drawn to Oregon, initially moving to Lincoln City. However, the Oregon coast is a bit unforgiving when it comes to the need for sunlight.

The perfect location presented itself by accident after a road trip to southern Oregon. Jennifer was searching the Internet for jobs and homes to rent, and stumbled across a listing for a building for sale in the nice, close-knit community of Talent. On October 8, 2012 Miles Automotive opened its doors, and Ryan and Jennifer’s dream became a reality!

From Our Auto Repair Team

Ryan – Owner/Technician and ASE Certified Master Technician

auto Technician , Talent, ORRyan is our lead ASE Certified Master Technician, he is also certified in light duty diesels, and advanced engine performance. He has dedicated 21 years to automotive repair and diagnosis and has many years of training. As an owner, next to his wife Jennifer, he runs the dirty work of the building.

Joel – ASE Certified Master Technician

auto Technician , Talent, ORJoel has 10 years of experience as an ASE Certified Master Technician. He is a professional at just about any job you throw at him, but he is exceptional at suspension and drive train. Joel is very knowledgeable and can diagnose just about any issue your car is having, gas or diesel. He is very thorough with his work, so you never have to worry if his job was done right.

Tom – Service Advisor and Working Towards Certification

auto Technician , Talent, ORYoung but intelligent, Tom is aware about the automotive field and knows how to explain how your car is performing and how to fix it. Tom is currently training to be a service advisor. He's great with people and always has a smile when you come in the door. He will set up your appointments and advise what repairs and/ or maintenance requirements are needed on your vehicle.